Online learning for FHSAA Athletes

An online school that fits the needs of competitive athletes.

Online School Programs

Competitive athletes have the unique challenge of balancing rigorous training schedules with academic demands. Online schooling provides a solution that gives students more flexibility to pursue both their athletic and educational goals.

K12 Prep students have access to our online learning platform 24/7.The platform is simple to use, and has all of the instructional content and assessments for each lesson and corresponding grade level. The material is demonstrated via multimedia components, so students learn not just through text but also from films, graphics, photos, and audio lessons. 

Online Elementary School

Students who follow our curriculum for primary school gain a solid foundation that allows them to smoothly progress to middle school. Our students remain engaged thanks to the educational, enjoyable, and innovative curriculum. The content is provided in the form of text, audio, and video components, tests, games, and quizzes on the platform.

Online Middle School

The Middle School Online Program is designed to help students grow their understanding in core subjects and explore their interests and affinities through electives. We use an accredited curriculum that includes four core areas and a variety of electives. Students choose two electives they enjoy the most.

Online High School

K12 Prep uses an accredited American curriculum which is also approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Our program enables students to achieve academic excellence and graduate from high school and proceed to a college or a university after.

Program Features

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