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Earn Your High School Diploma Online

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Accredited High School Diploma



Must be 18 years of age or older.
Internet and Computer are Required (Courses are completed online).
Credit Card or Debit Card required for automatic payment.Ready, Set, Go:

Completing your high school diploma courses at your own pace offers a flexible and personalized approach to education. This method caters to the diverse needs of students, allowing them to balance their studies with other responsibilities.

Enroll And Receive Transfer Credit:

  • Transfer some of your earner high school credits over to K12 Prep Academy(provide transcript and based on our evaluation).
  • Our Virtual Welcome Kit shows you step-by-step how the program works.
  • A welcome phone call will kick off a virtual tour of the online campus.

Complete Your High School Diploma Courses (At Your Own Pace):

  • 24/7 access
  • Instant feedback on lessons and exams
  • Online learning resources including eLibrary, Calendar, and Academic Support Services

Get Help Whenever You Need It:

  • Academic Coach
  • Qualified, certified instructors
  • Technical Support

Prepare For Your Career:

  • Complete coursework to become certified in a chosen career area
  • Attend online seminars to prepare for the workplace

Graduate, Will Receive The Following:

  • Accredited High School Diploma and 1 Sealed Official Transcript ($75 Fee)
  • Career Certificate (Additional requirements may apply)
  • Graduation Cap and Tassel (Additional Fees Applied)