Online Summer School Programs & Courses

What are the benefits of an online summer school program?

Summer is a great time for students to catch up, get ahead, learn something new like a language, or explore different subjects. Enrolling your child in K12 Prep Academy’s online summer school program or course could really help them start the next school year feeling confident and ready!

Get Back on Track with credit recovery courses in key subjects

Get Prepared for the transition from middle to high school with courses in algebra, American literature and biology.

Get Ahead in a core subject or a world language.

Get Inspired with career-focused electives or personal enrichment courses.

How does online summer school work?

For students in grades K–5, you can buy courses by calling 1-800-218-5709 . With flexible options to meet your child’s needs and affordable payment plans, this summer can be an enriching one. Choose from courses in art, social studies, language arts, math, science, art history, and more!

K12 Prep Academy 's Middle School Summer Program gives students an opportunity to get ahead during the summer. Start high school courses in the summer and transfer your credits upon successful completion. Middle school students can also start their next promotion grade early from Civics, Math, and Science. We offer your child a road map to their academic success.

Credit Recovery Course

Designed for students who didn’t pass a subject the first time, K12 Prep Academy’s Credit Recovery Courses use new approaches to teach unlearned concepts, letting students move past material they’ve already mastered. Your High School student doesn't have to be behind. Don't wait until senior year to ensure their graduation status. Help them stay on track or get ahead today.

Full-Length Semester Courses

K12 Preparatory Academy offers a wide variety of asynchronous and teacher-supported courses with summer start dates.

Self-paced Learning

With our flexible scheduled courses your child can enjoy their summer while making up their missed credits. Courses are available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere. Your family’s summer vacation travels won’t be affected. Help your child today, Enroll Today 


For full details on cost, courses offered, start times, and how to enroll, call 1-800-218-5709.