Social & Emotional Learning For Students

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A Happy and Healthy Student Learns Best!

A variety of benefits for students

Studies show SEL Helped retain students, decreasing dropout rate up to 63%.

Reduces Student Stress

Reduced stress up to 22.2% after 8 weeks and 39.8% after 12 weeks

SEL Helps Make It Better

Introducing SEL into the classroom showed an increased self-efficacy up to 7.6% after 8 weeks

K12 Prep Academy Social & Emotional Learning Program

It was built by Healthcare, Education and Technology professionals to help students k-12 achieve their educational goals in a healthy and safe learning environment.
Incorporating social and emotional learning into our LMS, we offer a comprehensive solution, including student counselor support, a self-guided student app, and an educator platform.

Students Testimonial

K12 Prep Academy customizes our curriculum in order to meet each student’s academic needs. We believe it is more productive for the curriculum to “fit” the student than trying to make the student “fit” a curriculum.

Call +1-800-218-5709 today to speak to an admissions counselor, and mention that you would like to apply for the tuition assistance program. Approximately 85% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

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Virtual learning that’s educational, engaging and enjoyable while learning at your own pace. Not one student, who graduated from K12 Prep Academy, has ever been denied entry into any U.S. College or University.