Parents and Families

We work closely with our students and their families to ensure their success.

Families and parents play a crucial and indispensable role in their students’ success. Even before your child attends the first class, you should be involved in this process. To start the program both parent(s) or Gaudian(s) are encouraged to be part of the orientation process.
This will give you an idea about the courses, our Learning Management System, and additional support that is accessible to your student. Parent/Guardian receive monthly progress reports, phone calls from the counselor, monthly calls from our principal and access to your child’s grades and progress records along the way.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in their students’ learning success by viewing their child’s grade(s) in the gradebook and contacting or emailing the teacher with any comments or concerns. As a parent, you have 24/7 access to your child’s grade book, which is routinely updated by the teacher. Instructors can be reached online, by phone, or during their listed office hours.

Best Practices for parents and families

  • Make a Schedule: Assist your student in developing and adhering to a study program. To finish K12 Prep Academy courses, your child should set aside at least five to eight hours each course, every week.
  • Study Area: Make sure your child has access to the Internet, a computer, and a printer in a quiet area.
  • Weekly Report: Access your guardian account on a weekly basis to stay up to current on your child’s course, assignments, and grades.
  • Monthly Progress Report: Make a time to meet with your child’s counselor once a month to review your child’s speed and progress, as well as to address any difficulties or opportunities with your child’s online learning experience.
  • FL State Certified Instructors: while self-guided your child has access to each course Florida state certified instructor while completing work independently. Your child will never be expected to grasp the content on his or her own. Through Microsoft Teams your child will have instant access to their teachers for immediate assistance. Also, keep in mind that the curriculum was created and is constantly updated by qualified instructors.

Parent / Guardian Accounts

The parent/guardian account allows parents to be involved in their student’s academic life at K12 Prep Academy, from providing LMS feedback to monitoring students’ progress.

To establish a parent/guardian account, students must first enroll in K12 Prep Academy and acquire their username and password.

Your account provides:

  • 24-7 access to information about students’ work submission and grades
  • 24-7 access to your child’s grade book
  • In addition, you receive:
    • Monthly check-ins call with counselor
    • Access to schedule meetings with teacher
    • Monthly progress reports emailed to the parent’s email address
    • Frequent access to instructors throughout the week via email or instant messenger