Online High School Honors & AP Courses

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The K12 Preparatory Academy, in partnership with AHS, offers advanced learners the opportunity to enroll in online AP® courses and honors courses. To participate in these programs, it is recommended that students meet the following criteria:

Necessary Prerequisites

Before enrolling in an AP® or honors course, it may be required to complete specific prerequisites. This ensures that students have a strong foundation in the subject and are prepared for the advanced level of coursework.

Teacher or counselor recommendation

A recommendation from a teacher or school counselor, based on the student's GPA, is recommended before enrolling in an AP® or honors course. Their GPA can judge the student's academic performance and ability to handle advanced coursework.

keen interest in the subject

A strong interest in the subject is also essential in determining if an AP® or honors course is a good fit for a student. Enrolling in an issue the student is passionate about will increase their motivation and engagement, leading to a more prosperous and enjoyable learning experience.

K12 Prep Academy Online AP® Courses

Students who enroll in K12 Prep Academy’s online AP® courses can experience college-level coursework while still in high school. Your high school student can experience college-level coursework if they are looking for a challenge.

Students who complete their prerequisite tests may be able to gain credit and get a head start on their academic careers. Students can earn the intellectual skills necessary for success after graduation in college or their chosen professional path by taking AP® courses online at K12 Prep Academy.

K12 Prep Academy Online Honors Courses

K12 Prep Academy’s online honors courses are intended for students who are learning concepts quickly and are seeking a more demanding program. Honors courses demand a high degree of independence and self-discipline, which are crucial for success after graduation.

In K12 Prep Academy’s online honors courses, advanced problem-solving, critical thinking, and understanding abilities are used in various areas.

Online AP® Courses

Online Honors Courses

Online AP® courses offered by K12 Prep Academy adhere to College Board-recommended course material. They are intended to aid students in preparing to take the AP® test on a certain topic. Depending on what the College decides, a student's AP® exam score may qualify them for college credit. View the AP® courses offered online here:*

 AP® English Language and Composition

AP® Psychology†

AP® English Literature and Composition

AP® World History

AP® Calculus AB

AP® Physics

AP® Statistics

AP® U.S. History

AP® Biology

AP® Macroeconomics†

†These are one-semester courses.

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